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BC Racing Coilover FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about Racing Coilovers USA custom coilovers.

What is the Swift Spring upgrade?

Swift springs are considered to be among the very best quality springs made, from a proprietary alloy, and many people feel they ride better. Swift is an upgraded spring in every way. The BC Springs are great springs yet the Swift are the top of the line.

Swift’s main goal with their product line is summarized in 4 points:

  • The most consistent spring rate throughout the stroke
  • The largest amount of stroke
  • The highest durability against loss of spring height
  • The lightest in weight

What is the difference between the regular kit and the extreme low kit? How low can the coilovers get me?

The standard kit will start you off at approximately one inch below stock and you can lower an additional 2-3". The extreme low starts you off approximately 2" below stock at maximum height and you can lower an additional 2-3".

Is there a warranty on the coilovers?

Yes there is a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

What are rear extenders?

Rear extenders allow you to adjust the dampening from the trunk instead of trying to reach your tophat to adjust.

Can I rebuild my coilovers? How much?

Yes our coilovers can be full rebuilt. The price will depend on what part is needed. We do not sell replacement parts.

What is extreme default?

You will have a height adjustment range of 1-3” in most cases. Extreme default is the standard kit ride height as the shortest spring possible is used, it's as low as it can go.

What is the average size and weight of shipping box?

The average size of the box is 30x18x9 and the weight varies from 35lbs to 70lbs depending on the kit.

Is the pre-load already set?

No they are not. With the MacPherson style strut you preload 1/4”. If you have the double wishbone style you pre-load 1/8'.

What are the benefits/draw backs to pillowball mounts?

Pillowball mounts increase the cabin noise significantly. They provide a stiffer ride quality for track use.

Rally builds?

We do not carry anything that would raise/maintain factory ride height. This is something that we do not offer because our suspension is not designed to function properly under these circumstances.

Everything that BC Racing manufactures is for on road/hard track performance.

The main concern here is your safety. Because the suspension is not designed for what you want it to do, it could fail during operation and harm you, and your vehicle.

Can you give recommendations based on my wheel size?

No, we will not give recommendations based on wheel/tire size. The variables associated with tire fitment are way too complicated to give simple answers of spring rates. It's entirely possible no spring rate will solve rubbing problems etc.