BC Racing Coilover FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about Racing Coilovers USA custom coilovers.

Is there a warranty on the coilovers?

Yes, BC Racing North America's warranty period is two years against manufacturing defects if ordered on or after November 17, 2021. If BC Racing NA deems a part defective, BC Racing NA will send a replacement for that specific part. All warranty claims must be sent directly to BC Racing NA.

Can I rebuild my coilovers?

Yes, the coilovers are designed to be fully rebuildable and replaceable. The price of the rebuild will depend on what parts are needed. We do not sell replacement parts here on our site, and we do not offer rebuild services. 

BC Racing do not offer rebuild services either, but you can have a licensed mechanic rebuild your coilovers for you once you purchase the parts you need. We recommend having your coilovers inspected to determine which parts you need to replace prior to ordering replacement parts.

What is the replacement interval on BC Racing coilovers?

The coilovers do not have a standard replacement interval. Instead, it is recommended you replace parts as needed to keep your coilovers performing well.

What is the Swift Spring upgrade?

Swift springs are upgraded springs from the standard BC Racing springs, made from Swift's own proprietary alloy. They are considered to be among the best quality springs made, and many of our customers have told us their ride quality greatly improved with the upgrade to Swift springs.

BC Racing springs are great quality and ride well, yet the Swift springs are top of the line.

The benefits of Swift springs:

  • A more consistent spring rate throughout each stroke.
  • A larger amount of stroke.
  • High durability against loss of spring height over time (sag).
  • Swift springs react faster, and weigh less than standard BC springs of the same spring rate.

What are rear extenders?

The rear extenders are metal cables that attach to the dampening knobs on the rear coilovers, and then you snake them through your trunk. You may have to cut holes in your trunk lining to snake them through. They are a convenient option if you think you will find it difficult to reach your rear top hats to adjust your dampening knobs.

What is the difference between the regular kit and the extreme low kit? How low can the coilovers get me?

The standard coilovers will start you off at approximately 1 inch below stock height at maximum height, and will allow you to lower an additional 2-3 inches from that point.

The extreme low coilovers are the same as the standard coilovers, except the shock bodies and springs (for most applications) are shortened to allow you to lower your vehicle further. The extreme low coilovers will start you off approximately 2 inches below stock height at maximum height, and will allow you to lower an additional 2-3 inches from that point.

What is default extreme/extreme by default?

Extreme by default is similar to extreme low, but a bit different. Normally, both standard and extreme low coilovers are available for each model. Certain vehicles sit very low, and the gap between the wheel-well and tire is only a few inches. This means that an extreme low version of the coilovers isn't possible, as the coilovers would lower the vehicle more than it can safely be lowered.

Therefore, only the standard coilovers are offered, and they will have a typical height adjustment range of about 1 to 3 inches in most cases. Since the vehicle already sits very low, the standard coilovers will lower like an extreme low set would. This is why the coilovers are called "extreme by default" or "default extreme".

What are spring rates?

Spring rates refer to how much weight it takes to compress the springs. The lower the spring rate, the softer the spring is, and the higher, the harder. Choosing spring rates for a daily driver or street vehicle that are much higher than the standard rates will lead you to feel more of the bumps in the road, and the ride quality will be stiffer. You may also not be able to achieve the maximum drop normally possible with the standard spring rates.

The standard spring rates are normally the softest spring rates you can choose, and would be the closest to your stock/OEM spring rates (although still stiffer to allow you to lower your vehicle).

Which spring rates should I choose?

We always recommend going with the standard spring rates, as those rates are chosen following extensive testing. They will allow you to achieve a nice balance between lowering, higher performance, and ride quality/comfort.

If you have modified your vehicle and increased its weight (i.e. engine swap, aerodynamics mods, etc.), or if you're building for a higher demand application like drag or autocross, you should consider higher spring rates.

Is the pre-load already set?

The preload is already set from the factory. If for any reason the spring becomes loose, tighten the lower spring seat until the spring sits snug and lock (lower spring seat and locking collar) in place. Do not overtighten the spring as this will compress the spring and cause rate shifting. Maximum compression of the spring should be 5mm.

What are the benefits/drawbacks of pillowball mounts?

Pillowball mounts provide a stiffer ride quality for track use, and allow for easier camber setting. They also eliminate play in the bushings, comparative to the standard rubber bushings.

Pillowball mounts increase the cabin noise significantly, and will be a maintenance item. You will need to periodically clean them of any debris in the joints, and lubricate them. 

What is the average size and weight of shipping box?

The average size of the box is 30x18x9 and the weight varies from 35lbs to 70lbs depending on the kit.

Rally builds?

We do not carry anything that would raise/maintain factory ride height. This is something that we do not offer because our suspension is not designed to function properly under these circumstances.

Everything that BC Racing manufactures is for on road/hard track performance.

The main concern here is your safety. Because the suspension is not designed for what you want it to do, it could fail during operation and harm you, and your vehicle.

Can you give recommendations based on my wheel size?

No, we will not give recommendations based on wheel/tire size. The variables associated with tire fitment are way too complicated to give simple answers of spring rates. It's entirely possible no spring rate will solve rubbing problems, etc.